Limmud Oz 2019 has ended
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Sarah Charak

Sarah studied Tanach, Talmud and Jewish philosophy at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Jerusalem, and has worked in educational roles for Bnei Akiva and the ZYC. She is now an Arts/Law student at the University of Sydney and Chair of Limmud Oz.
Saturday, June 15

7:30pm PDT

8:35pm PDT

9:35pm PDT

Sunday, June 16

9:30am PDT

10:45am PDT

12:00pm PDT

1:15pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

2:45pm PDT

4:00pm PDT

5:15pm PDT

8:00pm PDT

Monday, June 17

11:00am PDT

1:45pm PDT

3:00pm PDT

4:15pm PDT

5:30pm PDT

7:00pm PDT

8:15pm PDT